Black Panther 2018 Crosses $1 billion At Global Box Office


Black Panther the most awaited movie of 2018 seems to be liked Globally. It crosses $1 Billion on its 4th Day, Black Panther was released on Thursday and on day 1 itself it earned $24 Million, It has broken several records also.
The Movie is more of a movie which acts as a stress buster for adults also, Adults enjoy watching superhero movies
Marvel Studios ‘Black Panther’ Follows T’chala who after the death of his father, The King of Wakanda, returns home to be isolated, Technologically advanced African nation to succeed to his Throne , But it was rebelled by a Powerfull old enemy of his father who had to suffer in his childhood because of his fathers mistake.
You can watch the Trailer right Here

Black Panther will have the record for the most money earned in a single calendar year, since those three titans all opened on the same pre-Christmas December weekend. And, yeah, it’ll pass Titanic’s unadjusted gross (including the 2012 3D reissue) sometime this week to take the bronze.
By the way, when that happens then Black Panther will be the biggest grossing movie ever to A) not released on that pre-Christmas weekend and B) make all its money in a single calendar year. That may be arbitrary, but it should be noted that inflation notwithstanding, it did this without the benefit
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