Evil Spirit in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Read to Know More

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As we have seen in earlier episode that Ishita is happy and enjoys with Raman. Raman becomes romantic. Evil spirit comes in black and stares Ishita. She gave Ishita a water bottle and Ishita Feels thirsty. She asks Raman to bring bottle of water but them remembers that she has water bottle and drinks that water. The she gets irritated and feels cold. Everyone meets her and Ishita becomes happy to see all of them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Star Plus, latest story, spoilersSuddenly she gets scared by seeing pendant of Matarani and everyone becomes shocked. Ishita panicks and asks Roshni what are wearing. Roshni says you gave me this pendant of matarani. Shagun asks Ishita to calm down and says what happened. Raman says nothing she is fine. Raman laughs and tells that he had planned something for his wife to do romance but you guys spoiled it and now you should also come with them as he has booked a castle. Romy says wow brother that is amazing. Adi asks Roshni to come with them. Next day they all goes to the Castle.

Raman starts describing the castle. He tells that this castle belonged to a warrior and he lived here alone and then one day he died and no one knows how. Everyone becomes scared. Ishita says spirits roam in castles like this. Raman says why not. Shagun says i cannot believe that Ishita is saying this.

Raman plays a game and coin moves. Everyone becomes scared. Raman laughs and says i was moving the coin with the magnet. Ishita becomes angry and goes to the room. That evil spirit comes and attacks Ishita. Ishita shouts for help. Everybody comes and asks what happened. She shows the newspaper and tells she is dead and i can see her.

Shagun watches the news and thinks yes this is the girl who was missing years ago and something is weird.