Friend circle is better than Fitbit to predict your health

Friend circle is better than Fitbit to predict your health

Health is everything and when it comes to health it is important to look over the problems as well as the solutions. To maintain the health an individual has to keep track of his schedules as well as the routine of diet and exercise and to keep the track of the exercise and the daily movement people use devices which tell them their steps, heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure through which an individual can keep track of the progress. As per the new study, it is seen that if you want to see the difference or want to go for opinions you should consider asking the friends instead of opting the help of any device.

According to the study published in the journal PLOS ONE, the researchers were interested in what the structure of social networks says about the state of health, happiness, and stress. “What we found was the social network structure provides a significant improvement in predictability of wellness states of an individual over just using the data derived from wearables, like the number of steps or heart rate,” said the study lead author Nitesh V. Chawla, a researcher of Indian origin from University of Notre Dame in the US.

During the study, people who participated in the study were asked to wear a Fitbit watch to keep track of their health behaviours such as steps, heart rate, sleep, performances during the activity and the study will be called complete after their examination in which they will be asked about their feelings of happiness, anxieties, and positivity. The plan is to analyze the data which will be collected from the participants by using necessary machines and to know more about their feelings, the researchers will be tracking their social network characteristics, including degree, centrality, clustering coefficient and a number of triangles.

The results were compared between the data from social networking and heart rate, number of steps and level of activity. Those people who had great social engagement were way fitter and positive compared to the ones who used Fitbit. The people were happy as well as healthy compared to the Fitbit ones.

“This study asserts that without social network information, we only have an incomplete view of an individual’s wellness state, and to be fully predictive or to be able to derive interventions, it is critical to be aware of the social network structural features as well,” Chawla said.

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