Irfan Khan Starrer BlackMail Earns 11.22 crores | Day 3 Collection | Movie Review


Irfan Khan starrer Blackmail Earns 11.22 Crores at Box Office Collection, Day 3 was not so happening for Irfan khan’s Movie as it could only earn 11 Crores but still a decent run , The Movie could have been far better if the content was not only adult , The reason why movie could not achieve the Collection’s target is said that it was not a family movie but an adult movie, which failed to capture the audience .

The movie’s Story Line is said to be a copy of Imran Hashmi starerZeher which inturn was said to be a copy if a Hollywood Movie ,  The Movie is all based upon a husband and wife family fights which  took a harsh U-turn and resulted into a different scenario,  The Movie has a good direction and script which forced us in the first half to ask questions about the movie but in the second half everything was in place. The middle-class man is a victim of his own circumstances. He lives a life of submission, so much so, that when presented with a situation of conflict, like Dev, he struggles to commit a crime of passion. He resigns to his fate, or so it would seem. The seven-year itch is a tricky thing. Legend has it that it spurs seemingly regular folk on to highly irregular behaviour even when they are in happy relationships. Imagine then the fate of unhappy couples. Irrfan Khan in a still from Blackmail. Fun filled and realistic story-telling made interesting with engaging and hilarious performances of Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta.