ISRO will make India proud by sending Chandrayaan-2 Mission to Moon

India is a proud country indeed and when it comes to the reputation in any field, India always stands out in the public with its heads up. The Indians have a tendency to prove others wrong and when it comes to space and science program, Indian has not disguised its pride as the Indian Space Research Organization has given its best in the field of development and delivery. India keeps on investing in matters related to science and ISRO is just doing enough hard work to achieve new achievements in the field of space and science. ISRO recently decided to launch its rover to the moon and it is going to be the first rover to cover the south pole section of the moon.

The rover is called Chandrayaan-2 and this is the second mission of Moon for India. ISRO has made everything with dedication and is all set to send its rover into the space to study more about the moon. The rover is set to take off on July 15 at 2:51 am from the Sriharikota launchpad. The mission is being said to the most important and biggest mission of India yet.

Chandrayaan-2 is the advanced version of the previous spacecraft which was launched 10 years ago and the Chandrayaan-1 that first showed the concrete evidence of liquid water on Mars. The achievement unlocked by India was praised worldwide and the findings are still being studied all around the world. The mission is to land the rover in the south pole region of the moon and the lander Vikram will be escorted back to earth’s surface. ISRO is going to be the first ever organization to land a rover on the moon over the south pole region of the moon.

If the rover lands on the expected place then it is going to be exciting for the scientists to study the unseen part of the moon. The Chandrayaan-2 is about the equivalent of eight elephants as the mission will carry 13 scientific satellites onboard the GSLV Mk III rocket and will weigh about 3.8 tonnes.

As usual, NASA never stops to take help from other organizations and as always, India is willingly helping NASA in sending their laser retroflector array which is developed by NASA. ISRO’s six-wheeled rover will study the crust for traces of water and helium-3. Incredibly important to develop fusion energy, we’ll be surveying the land for deposits of it, in order to prepare for future human colonization or to ship it to Earth.


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