ISS To Be Opened For Visitors: Must Read

International Space Station is one of the best places we have till now in space. ISS is made under the association of different space agencies of different nations such as the United States and Russia. International Space Station was made for studying the earth and the outer space including the other planets and the Moon. The ISS keeps on orbiting the Earth and runs on the Solar Energy.

The astronauts sent to ISS have a job to study and research the things they find in space which also includes Earth. Now that NASA is all set to start their new project of sending the man to the Moon in 2024 as per the orders of Donal Trump, NASA is opening the doors of International Space Station for tourists and the business ventures. I

f you are wealthy enough to pay 50 million dollars then you can visit the ISS. NASA will be charging 35,000 dollars per night on the ISS. The common people are getting a golden chance to travel in space. The mission will initiate from the next year. According to the statement conveyed by Robyn Gatens who is the deputy director of ISS said that the US agency will allow two visits per year.

Every mission is going to be of 30 days and companies like SpaceX and Boeing will be taking the astronauts to the International Space Station. Only two astronauts will be sent at a time. As per the chief financial officer Jeff DeWit, “Nasa is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we’ve never done before.”

The company like SpaceX and Boeing charge more than 60 million for a ride to the Space Station but this time they are allowing people to travel to space at very low rates. Back in 2001 US businessman Dennis Tito got a chance to visit International Space Station and he had to pay $20 million for the ride.


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