Naamkaran Written update 31 January 2018

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In the last episode we have seen that Saisha asks Avni to say for her marriage with KK. Avni is strictly against this marriage as she knows that family of KK is playing some games and they will surely hurt Saisha. Saisha cries and says i will commit suicide if you will not agree. Avni scolds her and says do not ever think again of doing so. Now we see that Shweta comes to know that Avni is alive and she kept all of them in dark.

Shweta further adds that she loved Avni very much and how can she do this to all of us. She gather all her stuff and comes out of the home. She lits up all the stuff on fire along with the mangalsutra of Avni. Neil comes and stops his mother. He says after all we all love her

Naamkaran, Written update, Star Plus

KK and Avni talks. Avni asks KK that how much he loves Saisha and why he is after her. He says he truly loves her. Avni asks then why you were involved in the kidnapping plot. KK says i want to marry Saisha and it will be good for the career of Saisha. Avni says oh please there is no need to flaunt your mother’s words here as i know you all are fake.

Saisha and KK becomes sad and thinks what they should do. KK asks Saisha if they can talk to Neil and ask him to help them in convincing  Avni. Saisha says why would he help us and i do not think so. But still they goes to Neil and then Neil thinks and remembers what Mishti asked him to do and he says okay i will talk to Avni.

KK becomes happy and starts dancing. Avni says that Saisha is not mature and she cannot think who is in favour of her and who is not. Avni then says that fine i am ready for the enagagement of yours but marriage will happen only if Saisha stands on her own and becomes successful.