New Study Found That The Physical Activities among Kids Stop Cardiovascular Diseases

We all want our kids to have a healthy life ahead and do not want them to experience any problems related to health in the coming future. Recent studies showed that if kids do not take part in the outdoor physical activities or any sort of physical activities, they may increase their chances of generating the cardiovascular disease in the future. Today, parents do not realize the importance of physical activities as the busy schedule of the people all around the world has made them ignore their personal life and kids.

It is hard for the kids to understand the importance of anything at a small age and it is important for their parents to understand the importance as it is their responsibility. As per the recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, it showed that the kids who were involved in the physical activities at the time when they were even not able to walk, their blood vessels, and cardiovascular fitness were up to the point which decreased the risk of the heart diseases in the future and enough stamina to end up the early risks which may probably lead them to the heart diseases.

“Many of us tend to think cardiovascular disease hits in older age, but arteries begin to stiffen when we are very young,” said study lead author Nicole Proudfoot from McMaster University in Canada. “It’s important to start any kind of preventative measures early. We need to ensure that small children have many opportunities to be active to keep their hearts and blood vessels as healthy as possible,” Proudfoot said.

The researchers studied more than 400 kids of the age group between three to five years and they studied the kids for three consecutive years. They tracked the physical activities and the routine of the small children and also analyzed the odds of the development of the heart-related diagnosis which included cardiovascular fitness, arterial stiffness, and blood pressure. The cardiovascular health was measured by making the kids run on the treadmill in which they saw that for how much time the kids can stay and how fast their heart beat recovers. 

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