Oneplus 6 vs iPhone X features specifications & release date


One of the top high-end smartphone companies in India is Oneplus which became popular in the country because of packing its latest smartphone series with some great features and specs which were only available in the top companies like Apple and Samsung. The brand is best known for its flagship smartphones Oneplus 5 and just later released Oneplus 5T, which have been one of the most purchased phones in India. Since then the expectations of the population towards the next flagship phone series 6 by Oneplus has increased significantly and the company is feeling this pressure upon them.

Oneplus is copying iPhone X design in Oneplus 6 just like all other competitors


They have rooted towards making their smartphone Oneplus 6 as a lookalike to the recently most-loved iPhone X design by giving it a notch on its bezel-less display. At first, these were thought of as rumors but then Carl Pei from Oneplus exclusively revealed the first look of the smartphone to The Verge which ended all rumors spreading regarding the design of Oneplus 6. The notch is narrowest that we have seen yet and is smallest in size that was possible by not compromising on the quality of the device’s earpiece and front-facing camera or omitting the proximity and ambient light sensors or the user-requested LED notification light.


The Face ID feature will not be a part of Oneplus 6 this has been confirmed by Carl and we believed so by seeing the notch size. The battery icon, the clock, and the notification bar will be placed on either side of the notch. Another feature that has been confirmed in the smartphone is the 3.5mm headphone jack.



The Oneplus 6 will be featuring gestures to remove the current Android software keys. These gestures are available in current Oneplus beta versions. Users can even swipe from the bottom of the display to access home. The key specs that we believe that the Oneplus 6 will possess are an Octa-core processor, 6 GB RAM, Android 8.1 Oreo, and a minimum of 64 GB memory space. The company has reportedly tested around more than 1000 applications from Google Play Store to fit in with the notch design.

The flagship Oneplus 5T went out of stock in US, indicating that the new flagship Oneplus 6 is expected to launch very soon.