Ready Player One /First Half Week/Earns $182 Million /Story/Review


Ready Player One a Hollywood Movie based on a child’s love for the Virtual world, Earns $121 Million, The Movie seems to be a success as of now.

This is a fiction but seems to be as amazing as a real-life story, The Movie is liked More by Youth which relates to the Story Line, The Hero In his young age lost his parents but didn’t lose what his parents wanted him to be, His father named him as a Superhero Just like HarryPotter and Other Super Heroes.

The Hero lost all his hope in the World around But had his faith in the Virtual world, The Story Revolves all around the Hero of the movie and his life as a Superhero in the Virtual World, Where he runs after the Throne for becoming the Almighty of the Virtual World.

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The most reparative change from book to film is a sense, diffused throughout the entire story, that escapism — both within virtual reality and our own nostalgia — isn’t necessarily good for the people of this future or our present. Sure, the Oasis is great, but eventually people unplug.
Based on Ernest Cline’s 2011 sci-fi bestseller, Steven Spielberg’s busy adaptation is metatextual in its fascination with the limits, loopholes and crossover points of the self-contained universes artists create. The year is 2045, and in the Stacks, a greying junkyard in Columbus, Ohio, humans reside in trailers