Risk of energy drinks: Here’s what you need to know!

Energy Drinks

It is said that energy drinks are the best source of instant energy as they provide an amazing boost to the body and gives enough energy to keep the body going. But according to the new study conducted by the doctors and scientists claim that the intake of energy drinks may result in various health issues and especially the issues related to the heart. The main motive of the intake of energy drinks is that it caffeine helps the heart to push faster and raise the blood pressure instantly which makes you feel energetic.

The amount of the increase in the electrical changes in the heart is generally considered mild,” according to study author Sachin Shah, a professor of pharmacy at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at the University of the Pacific. People who are already suffering from heart-related problems or are already up to the medications regarding any sort of issue in the body should not prefer taking energy drinks and if they intake energy drinks, that could result in the risk of fatal arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat. Shah conveyed via email, “Unlike drugs, supplements and consumer products do not necessarily get tested for safety.”

The American Beverage Association said that they have full faith in the safety of the energy drinks as they are tested very carefully and it has also the same ingredients which are also found in other food products. On the other hand, WHO claims that “they “may pose danger to public health.” Children “should not consume” them, cautions the American Academy of Pediatrics. After studying all that information about energy drinks, the industry is still on a hike as it is expected to cross the scale of $61 billion by 2021 as compared to the records from 2013 the estimated sale was $39 billion.

You should take care of the intakes of the liquids as it could harm your body system on a greater level. Energy drinks have a tendency to increase blood pressure by double as it has been seen in many cases. There are people who consume energy drinks along with alcohol and for your information, consumption of energy drinks with alcohol can even cause death because alcohol thins down the blood in the body and increase the blood pressure as well and so does the energy drinks. As seen in the cases, the heart starts to pump on a high BPM which can even cause a heart attack.

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