Samsung introduces Night Mode and QR Code Scanner for their older versions

Image Credit: Gadgets 360

As we all know that Samsung is one of the biggest companies in the world. Whether it is smartphones or other technologies, Samsung never fails in disappointing its customers. Samsung has been there for a while in the smartphone business now, not only in India but all over the world. Samsung is way famous as there are many leaks that keep on coming up over social media and other platforms. Samsung has been working hard on their new models and updates.

The company recently launched the new variant of their Galaxy S series and now the most awaited smartphone is the Samsung Note 10. Apart from this, Samsung is working on updating their smartphones which were released earlier during the fall of the last year such as S9, S9+, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The new feature that the company is introducing is the night mode in the cameras. In the recent launch by the company,

Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung has added a new camera feature called “Bright Night”. The function of the feature is that it automatically enables the feature according to the present situation as the camera can detect the dark scenes and the same feature is being introduced in the previous model Galaxy S9 but the difference between the feature is that you can choose the mode manually and it is being introduced by the name of “Night Mode”. This gives users the option to switch to Night Mode on their own, much like Google’s Night Sight feature.

The review of the feature is way confusing as the experts, as well as the users, have given confusing reviews regarding the feature. Some people say that the feature is not much effective compared to the low-light modes from the other OEMs. The previous model didn’t have the feature of scanning the QR codes without using the Bixby Vision, but after this update, you can freely use the camera for scanning the QR codes by using the Quick Settings toggle.

The QR code scanner is way effective and because of this feature, the scanning has become way easier as the user does not have to go all the way to the Bixby Vision to scan. Seems like Samsung has given some serious features to their old versions through which the users can easily access the things that were way difficult to access before. The size of the update is around 703.98 MB and the update is accessible to all the variants around the world.


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