Smoking may burst the MSNA system


It is said that smoking is injurious to health, but have you ever wondered how much injurious smoking is to the human body. The amount of smoke that an average smoker consumes has a tendency to affect the body in a very brutal way. Smoking habit is way dangerous and continuous smoking can cause some serious damage to the lungs. The tar that comes out of the smoke get deposited in the lungs and makes it hard to breathe and damage the purification of the air in the body.

Recently it was found in the studies that smoking has a tendency of increasing hypertension as in that it could raise the blood pressure as due to smoking, the blood pressure system can get impaired and can cause even death. “The human body has a buffering system that continuously monitors and maintains healthy blood pressure. If blood pressure drops, a response called muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) is triggered to bring blood pressure back up to normal levels,” said Lawrence Sinoway from Penn State University in the US. Sinoway also added that a system called the baroreflex helps people to correct if there is a rapid rise in the blood pressure.

He also claimed that the chances of the rise in the blood pressure in chronic smokers are high than the non-smokers and the reason behind such a rise in the blood pressure is the unstable baroreflex. “When the sympathetic nervous system fires, like with MSNA, your blood pressure rises and then a series of things happen to buffer that increase, to try to attenuate it,” Sinoway said. “We think that in smokers, that buffering — the baroreflex — is impaired.” “The greater rise in blood pressure in response to MSNA may contribute to a higher resting blood pressure level in smokers without hypertension,” Cui said.

The reason behind the higher blood pressure is connected to baroreflex, said Jian Cui, Associate Professor at Penn State College of Medicine. “It’s possible that this higher response to MSNA could also contribute to the eventual development of hypertension,” Cui added. According to the researchers, the previous researchers found the connection between chronic smokers and the MSNA burst levels but the consequences due to the MSNA bursts are not confirmed yet. About 60 people were studied in which 18 of the people were smokers and 42 of the people were non-smokers and none of them was affected by hypertension.

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