Star Plus ‘Naamkaran’ written episode 29/03/18

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The episode starts with Avni shouting. Shaisha locks herself in the room. KK talks to his mom. Avni asks Shaisha to come out and she cannot let her marry KK. Mother of KK asks KK to forget Shaisha. Everyone asks Shaisha to open the door. One girl goes to call Neil. Avni says no i have managed everything from years and why you want to call Neil now. Shaisha says i will commit suicide.

Naamkaran, Star plus

Mother of KK says that we have to make Shaisha to marry KK and then the image of KK will be clear. She wonders how can a mother not be interested in joining relations with KK. She says Shaisha will be presented as gold digger after the engagement. Her manager asks why you are doing so.

Her mother says as girls loves the broken hearted man. KK will be more popular after this scene and everyone will love him and try to console her as he has been cheated by a girl whom he loved and believed.

Neil says Avni has betrayed us and she has left us and not contacted us even after she was live and pretended to be dead. Neil’s mother cries and says yes you are right. Avni asks Shaisha to open the door. Avni kicks the door and door opens. She goes in and asks what you were doing and how can you do such cheap things. Avni breaks the glass and says life always breaks like a glass and can never be joined again. She asks if she has thought of people who wants to live and wants to see the world.

Avni says you have no right to take your life and have you ever thought of all of us. Avni asks what will be our lives after you. Shaisha says please talk to KK once and then you will come to know that we both are serious. Shaisha says please talk to KK once and then you will get to know that we both are seriously in love.