Yeh Hai Mohabbatein taking a weird turn, full written episode

Yeh hai mohabbatein, Star Plus, written episode

Ishita gives water bottle to Raman which was given by that black lady. Ishita was about to drink the water. Then Raman stops her. Romy says there is no diamond. Adi says i dont know. Adi sees Shagun and Alia coming. They escapes. Adi asks what they are doing here and if Alia will see me then i will be buried right here in London. Alia and Shagun goes without seeing Adi and Romy.

yeh hai mohabbatein, star plus, entertainment

That lady asks Shagun how you came to London. Adi runs and Alia notices him. Adi comes there. Shagun says why you are here. Romy asks why Mihika is not here. Romy says his friend had wedding and that is why they did not get the time. Shagun says you did not have time as you were busy in drinking. A man asks for party from Alia. Alia flirts with him and Adi gets jealous.

Param gives a box to Shravan and he takes it. Raman and Ishita comes back from shopping and they becomes happy. Ishita says i am so happy as all the dresses were so beautiful and i cannot resist myself from buying them. Raman says yes you should wear all of them. Param thinks that he is ready to spoil the children of Bala and the box which Shravan took away was not a normal box but it was of drugs and now Shravan will get under jail.

Ishita asks Raman to bring water. Raman goes. She thinks that she also had water bottle and then she takes out the water bottle and starts drinking water. That lady in black starts to stare Ishita. Ishita drinks water and suddenly feel so irritated. Ishita feels so cold and says i am not feeling well. Raman meets Roshni and then he comes to know that Romy and Adi are also here.

Ishita sees everybody and becomes happy. But suddenly she sees Pendat of Durga maa and she becomes scared.