Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 28 December 2018, Ishita Sees Evil Spirit

yeh hai mohabbatein, star plus, entertainment

The episode is in the happy mode, and they all are trying to make everything great. Romy and Adi wait for the man to exchange their bags and suddenly he comes and changes bag. Romy says how rude was he as we waited for him for a long time and he did not mention any thank you or sorry to them. Adi asks Romy not to worry as their work is over and we should move now.

yeh hai mohabbatein, written episode, entertainment

Shravan says that he is going out. Bala asks him to take some money. He says no they are not needed as he has found a part-time job and they pay him weekly. Bala becomes sad. Kiran sees everything and asks why you are unhappy and we should be like a friend with children, then only they will tell us everything. Shravan goes out, and Param comes there. He gives him money and says do not understand your dad.

Shravan goes and says thank you uncle. Param thinks he will ruin the children of Bala. Romy and Adi go to a boat. The man says no this is reserved. Romy asks who did this. The man says a person came and booked this for someone special. Adi laughs and says undoubtedly he will be someone like dad. They both go.

Ishita and Raman come to the boat, and Ishita becomes surprised and shouts wow!!! Raman becomes happy and says this is all for you. Ishita says nothing is better than celebrating love in London. She says London is excellent and I love it. Raman gives her champagne glass and means have any of the glass as we are on our honeymoon. Ishita says that she first did not like him and never wanted to live with him.

She says now he has become her life and she cannot live without him. Raman gives her a ring. They both had dinner. Then Raman goes to wash his hands. Ishita sees a lady and asks who are you, and I saw you in Delhi too. Ishita panics. Raman comes there and asks what happened. She says I saw a woman. Raman says nobody can come here. He starts to distract her.

Let us see what will happen next and who is this woman scaring Ishita !!!!